1. What time can I drop off & pick up my pet?

You can drop off and pick up your pet anytime during our trading hours.We prefer when dropping off if itis no later than half an hour before closingto allow for processing paper work.  Pick up is usually between 8am-10am. However, if you would like to pick them up after 10am, there will be an additional day care fee of $20 for dogs, and cats will be charged at a full day rate.

2. What vaccinations are required?

Dogs must have an minimum  C5 vaccination, and cats need to have a F3 vaccination both to be current in the last twleve months. If you are not sure if your pet has the required vaccinations, give your vet a call and they should be able to check your pet’s record to let you know. Vaccinations are recommended to be done at least fourteen days prior to boarding if they are overdue.

3. What food is provided?

For dogs we use exclusively Royal Canin premium dry food . For the cats we have Whiskas vita bites and canned food, as well as tuna for the fussier feline.

4. How many times a day are they fed?

Generally once a day for dogs, however we may increase this for highly active dogs or puppies. The cats are usually fed twice a day. You are of course welcome to bring in your own food as well. Please have this in clearly marked containers.

5. Can I bring in my pets own bedding and toys?

Of course. Something familiar from home always makes it a little bit easier to settle in (particularly if it’s your pets first time away from home), however we don’t take any responsibility if it gets damaged or lost. Something like one of your old t-shirts is usually best.

6. My pet requires medication during their holiday, can you do that?

Yes. Please ensure you have clear labels on the medication, with up to date administration details.Please do not mix different medications into one container. There is no extra cost for us to give your pet their medication.

7. What kind of exercise do they get?

Your pets stay should be just as much fun as your holiday, so we like to have the dogs out playing most of the day (average 7-8 hours) with a few companions. The staff will carefully assess your dogs’ temperament and activity level and match him/her up with another dog with similar temperament and activity level.  The dogs love spending the day running around playing, and have a variety of toys, and equipment to play on. During the warmer months, every play yard is equipped with a small pool for them to play in which the majority of the dogs love to play in! For the pooches that prefer to not be with other dogs they will have their own yard with all the same luxuries. For the cats we have fully enclosed gardens for them to lounge around, as well as some scratching poles to play in.

8. Can my dog have a bath before home time?

Absolutely. We recommend a bath prior to going home, which does incur a $20.00 fee.

9. When can I inspect the facility?

Inspections are welcome primarily between 11.00am and 12.00 pm (midday) Mon to Saturday. Inspections are not available on Sundays, public holidays and over busy peak periods.